Local Spotlight: Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences

Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences

What comes to mind when you think of exploration? Space? Marco Polo? Or something in between? We’re naturally curious creatures; we see that in how we wander the world and beyond. Macon, Georgia has its own, much smaller, version of the universe’s wonders. Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences gives you a glimpse of the globe and an understanding of the universe.

About the Museum

Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences began under modest circumstances. However, the museum’s simple one-rented room startup has expanded into an ultra-modern 50,000 square foot facility. Nowadays, 60 years since its inception, the museum boasts a 14-acre tract of land and is touted as the largest general purpose museum in the state.

Nationally accredited, Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences houses everything from fine art to live animal exhibits within its walls. At the museum, you can wander the galleries, gaze up at the stars, dig for fossils, and do a whole lot more.


Discovery House

The museum’s Discovery House has three full floors filled with exhibits waiting to be explored. The top floor features a craft station where artists of all stripes can express themselves. The main level plays host to a number of permanent exhibits, including arrowheads and dolls. The bottom level sports an excavation site and workshop for young minds.


At Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences, the planets are on full display. The 44-foot, domed planetarium will allow you to see the stars better and brighter than ever!

A unique planetary exhibit, Science on a Sphere, now calls the museum home. It’s the only one of its kind in all of Georgia.

Mini Zoo

Gather round the replica Banyan tree—and learn about animals and their habitats. More than 70 animal species live at Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Fine Art

Assortments of fine art pieces, from lifelike sculptures to a fully restored cabin, dot the grounds of the museum. Marvel at and discover cultural artworks that will amaze.

Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences not only features these permanent exhibits: transitory exhibits also cycle onto the museum’s campus.


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