In the News: Market Square North Macon

Market Square North Macon

Last month, Market Square North Macon opened to the public. The homegrown, open air market is stockpiled with fresh fruits and veggies, along with all kinds of delicious goodies like homemade ice cream. It hopes to bring people together as a place for food, fellowship, and fun times.

How did the market start?

Under construction for two months, Market Square North Macon now stands on a renovated lot off New Forsyth Road. Its roots trace back to its owner JJ Weeks. Weeks, a Macon local and musician, started the venture with the help of a few friends.

What does the market sell?

True to its name, Market Square North Macon serves as an open air market. You’ll find plenty of produce—a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables—in the market. It also sells homemade ice cream and other scrumptious snacks too.

What else does the market have to offer?

Market Square North Macon isn’t just a food stop. Groundwork has already been laid for the market to host tons of family-friendly fun, including cornhole. In the future, Weeks wants to see his local venture flourish, providing a venue for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Market Square North Macon marked its grand opening in style, with talented musicians kicking off its debut. Artists including Blake Turner, Ethan Payne, Rebecca Howell, and Market Square’s own JJ Weeks welcomed the market’s opening with live performances.

Where is the market located?

Visit 5468 New Forsyth Road in Macon to enjoy Market Square North Macon. The market’s located on Macon’s north end, a little past the Shoppes at River Crossing.


It’s nice to have a new neighbor like Market Square North Macon with us in Macon. We can’t wait to have our pick of fresh fruit and vegetables!

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