Local Spotlight: Heart of Georgia Humane Society

Heart of Georgia Humane Society

Animals may lead shorter lives than ours, but they pack a whole lot of love into their time with us. The Heart of Georgia Humane Society recognizes the warm, wonderful spirits of local dogs. They also work tirelessly to save canine lives! Today, we want to share our appreciation for this incredible group.

What is the Heart of Georgia Humane Society?

More than 5,700 sweet dogs owe their lives to the dedicated service of the Heart of Georgia Humane Society. This non-profit group finds dogs who are sadly in line to be euthanized and takes them in, giving them a new chance at life.

How does the Heart of Georgia Humane Society work?

First, the volunteers seek out—and bring home—dogs slated for euthanizing throughout the state. These pets then spend a portion of time with foster pet parents. That way, the animals can heal, grow healthier, and receive medical treatment.

Staying with foster parents also means that the dogs can learn how to properly interact with other people and animals, setting them up for successful placement. Plus, foster parents can get to know their pups, so that they can find the best possible home for them in the future.

The work doesn’t just end there. This group also ensures a future where no other dogs ever have to be homeless or on death row ever again by spaying and neutering the pets in their care.

How can I support the Heart of Georgia Humane Society?

Now more than ever, the Heart of Georgia Humane Society could benefit from your help. You can visit their website online to make a humble monetary donation or one of dog care supplies. You can also help them for free by spreading the word about them online and sharing posts about their adoptable animals on Facebook here. Who knows—you might even help a pup find his or her fur-ever family!


Even though dogs can’t say the words “thank you,” we can say it for them. It’s always nice to know about the good work that others do in our community—and we appreciate all that the Heart of Georgia Humane Society does for canines. You’re all heroes!

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