In the News: Plans for a Food Truck Park in Macon

food truck park in Macon

Over the past few months, you may have noticed a delicious push to buy food from restaurants in the area. After all, supporting local restaurants also means that you’re supporting the local economy. Well, soon, you may be able to add even more variety to your diet. Plans for a food truck park in Macon, Ga have created waves across our city—and soon, there will be new spots to dine in town.

How have the plans to build a food truck park in Macon progressed?

Daude Harrell, who you may know from Harrell’s & Son’s Barbershop, and Weston Stroud, who was chosen to receive the 2020 Emerging City Champions fellowship, have been working to make a food truck park in Macon possible. Their project will offer a place for those in the Roxy Theatre area to try a variety of delicious foods. It will also include a pedestrian plaza!

And if you’ve ever visited Harrell’s & Son’s Barbershop, keep an eye out nearby. That’s where the first new food truck will be located!

How will the food truck park positively impact our community?

Though the Roxy Theater has closed, its community and spirit can live on at the new food truck park. After all, nothing brings people together like sharing a meal together! Not to mention, it will also bring jobs and business to the area for many years to come. In turn, by giving locals resources to thrive and grow, they too will be able to bring their own important accomplishments to the city.

Where will the food truck park be built?

The food truck park will be located in Downtown Macon. We can’t wait to check it out when it’s ready for hungry customers!


Supporting the local economy is sweet—and savory—and spicy! Once a food truck park arrives in Macon, GA, you can show lots of love for small businesses with a visit. Plus, with all the possibilities, we bet you’ll have a wonderful excuse to return again and again!

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