New Business Spotlight: The Homestead Bakery and Coffee

The Homestead Bakery and Coffee

There’s a sweet new local, family-owned business in town at 3780 Northside Drive in Macon. The Homestead Bakery and Coffee shop opened their doors a month ago, and for the owners, the steady growth is almost as rewarding as doing what you love every day!

 A Little Homestead Background

When you hear the word “homestead,” you think of farmhouses and the surrounding land, but it’s more than that. It’s a lifestyle—and it stands for self-sufficiency. The Homestead Bakery and Coffee is accurately named since all of the delicious baked goods are made in-house, fresh daily.

This self-sufficient business is a true family business owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Parker and Janette Fifer. The couple decided to follow a dream and launch second careers as a baker, coffee craftsman and small business owners.

In January 2020, they made the move to Macon all the way from Idaho. Once again, making The Homestead the perfect name for the new local bakery and coffee house. Stop by for a flakey, buttery made-from-scratch Homestead Croissant in specialty flavors like chocolate during regular store hours Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What’s Good?

From the rave reviews of satisfied customers taking the time to comment on The Homestead Bakery and Coffee Facebook page—everything! It’s worth following for daily specials and featured baked goods, which range from delightful danishes to bear claws to scones to tarts to turnovers to bagels and more!

There’s also a limited breakfast and lunch menu that still has more than enough to choose from like the breakfast burrito or a ham and swiss on a bagel with a side of soup for lunch.

Can’t Forget the Coffee!

Coffee lovers can mix up the daily grind with a new local favorite at The Homestead. Their signature coffee drinks include a robust balance of traditional offerings like espresso, house specials like White Chocolate Mocha, more specialty drinks like Drip Coffee featuring caramel and chocolate with hints of honey.

But that’s not all. The Fifer’s created their own specialty drink that starts with a Red Bull and ends up as a Fusion. With the addition of select syrups, the drinks become tasty treats like the Emerald Lagoon—Red Bull with blue raspberry, passion fruit, and coconut flavoring.


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