In the News: Girl Scout Cookie Delivery in Macon

Girl Scout cookie delivery in Macon

Find your highlighter and mark Feb. 12-14. Not because it’s Valentines weekend, but because it’s something just as sweet! During that weekend only, take advantage of Girl Scout cookie delivery in Macon.

Right to Your Door!

It should come as no surprise the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia came up with a solution that gives everybody what they want. Cookie lovers want Thin Mints and more! Girl Scouts want adventures and life experiences!

One way that is going to happen in 2021 is convenient for us all. According to a recent story by 13WMAZ, Girls Scout cookie delivery in Macon will be happening when you order via GrubHub the second weekend of February only.

Order boxes of your favorites on their own or as dessert after dinner from your go-to to-go place. Either way, enjoy Girl Scout cookie delivery in Macon straight to your door while you can!

Cookie Time!

Girl Scout cookie fans might have their favorites, but whatever your choice, it’s sure to be delicious! Classic Girl Scouts cookies include: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Lemon-Ups and Trefoils. The last one is better known as shortbread. For a complete cookie listing, descriptions and allergen information, click here. Looking for cookies close to you? Start your search here with Find Cookies.

Not just Delivery

Girl Scout cookie delivery in Macon is a sweet treat. However, the Girl Scouts still plan to have a select few drive-thru cookie booths. The best way to know where to look for them is to check out the Facebook page.

Otherwise, you might see them in the usual places, but not the usual spots. For example, instead of tables at the grocery store entrance, there might be a drive-thru loop in the back of the grocery store parking lot.


Make February sweeter with more than cookies. Find a place of your own at Summer Park! Not sure what you want? Check out our various floor plans! While you’re visiting, discover more about Macon and the cool things to do by reading our blog!