Local Spotlight: The Douglass Theatre

The Douglas Theatre

A whole century of art and culture has appeared onstage at The Douglass Theatre in Macon. Even after an unexpected year, we can still join together to appreciate movies, shows, and more. And for that, we have the theatre to thank. So, if you can, lend some support to this local landmark!

More on The Douglass Theatre

One hundred years ago, local creatives founded The Douglass Theatre. It earned its name from Charles Douglass, who also ran the Florida Blossom Minstrels and Comedy Company. The theatre started off featuring vaudeville shows and movies in 1921. It also gave African-American artists a chance to truly share their talents!

In fact, you may even recognize a few of the famous performers who took the stage, such as:

  • Duke Ellington;
  • Ma Rainey;
  • James Brown;
  • Ida Cox;
  • Little Richard;
  • Otis Redding;
  • Bessie Smith;
  • And more.

After several decades of shaping and sharing iconic works and creators, the theatre shut down. However, it still had an impact to make! Once its restorers returned it to hosting shape, the theatre held a grand reopening in 1997. It continues to host shows, screenings, and camps for visitors near and far to enjoy.

Jazz in the Courtyard

Even during the more difficult months of 2020 and 2021, The Douglass Theatre continued to make art accessible for all. They offered multiple virtual showcases, the most recent of which aired a few days ago on May 21. Soon, they will also hold an in-person, socially-distanced concert to kick off their Jazz in the Courtyard series.

The next session of Jazz in the Courtyard will take place on May 30 at 6 p.m. You can also attend the June 27 show or the one July 25, both also at 6 p.m. May’s performance will feature the GQ Jazz Ensemble and Class Act Band.

As for tickets, no need to spend a penny! This series is free for everyone.

Visiting Details

The Douglass Theatre awaits at 355 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Please note that they will be following CDC protocols on social distancing. Thank you for keeping everyone safe!

Supporting The Douglass Theatre

Access to the arts brings beauty, meaning, and happiness to everyday life. If you want to show your support to The Douglass Theatre, consider making a donation here. You can also help by spreading the word about them and by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Last but not least, you can tell more people about the theatre by sharing this blog!


Keeping our community connected remains an important force for change. One hundred years after its founding, The Douglass Theatre continues to foster an environment for the arts to thrive. If you can, pay it a visit yourself this season!

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