In the News: Macon Mall Revitalization Project

Macon Mall revitalization project

More than the weather is heating up around town with hopes for additional funding to complete the Macon Mall revitalization project, which would be used to help finish the massive amphitheater.

What’s happening now

According to recent reports, the mayor has asked to borrow up to $4 million more in funding for the ongoing Macon Mall revitalization project. The mall is located at 3661 Eisenhower Parkway.

Last November, commissioners approved the $40 million request for revenue bonds from the Urban Development Authority. Those funds were designated to help construct the 10,000-seat outdoor amphitheater along with other upgrades to the existing mall.

Eventually, the monies borrowed will be paid back from rent of tenants and other revenue sources such as events.

In fact, a few future tenants include the Macon Transit Authority, Macon Planning and Zoning, Business Development Services, Information Technology and Code Enforcement.

These government offices will relocate from the Terminal Station downtown to the centrally-located mall toward the end of 2022.

More about the Macon Mall project

News of the project first broke in 2021 with the announcement of the estimated $100 million Macon Mall revitalization project.

At the time, reports stated the project would include a complete transformation of the mall as well as building Georgia’s second-largest amphitheater next door.

The mall is being renovated to include space for government offices, a sports hall, plus new and existing retail shops.

The 75-acre property for the amphitheater will include both covered and open seating—totaling around 10,000 seats in all. There are plans for a restaurant or café behind the amphitheater along with sky boxes.

Plus, plans for additional dining, retail and two more outparcels for potential retail shops remain in the works.

Residents were recently invited to participate in an in-person public meeting and an online survey to offer the city their input in regards to what—and who—they hope to see at the newly-constructed amphitheater.


Did you know Summer Park Apartments are located less than two miles away from the Macon Mall? Just think of all the fun that awaits once the Macon Mall revitalization project is finished! In the meantime, keep yourself entertained by reading our blogs!