In the News: The Social Duck in Macon

The Social Duck in Macon

Do you need something to look forward to in the new year? How about something different and fun to do? It sounds like The Social Duck in Macon is just what you need!

About The Social Duck

First things first, The Social Duck in Macon is bringing a whole new recreational experience to downtown! Have you ever heard of duckpin bowling? No worries if not. Soon, you will have the chance to get up close and personal with the game when this new business opens.

According to reports, the same owners of Bearfoot Tavern will own The Social Duck. As a matter of fact, The Social Duck in Macon will be located next door to Bearfoot Tavern. The establishments will actually share a door, giving customers quick access to good food and drinks from the restaurant.

The Social Duck will feature six duckpin bowling lanes, plus a separate entrance from Bearfoot Tavern. The goal of the upcoming venue is to expose locals and visitors alike to something new, something that owner Dr. Kris Ellis thinks is more fun than traditional bowling.

About duckpin bowling

Similar to regular bowling, duckpin bowling has shorter lanes and uses smaller balls. Another difference is that players don’t need bowling shoes. The balls, which are about 5 inches in diameter and weigh less than 4 pounds, can fit in your hand. That means no finger holes!

The pins in duckpin bowling are smaller and lighter too, which makes it harder to get a strike. Hence, players get three rolls per frame in an attempt to knock down the 10 pins.

Like ten-pin bowling, a player rolls a strike if they knock down all the pins in a single roll in duckpin bowling. Otherwise, each pin that a player knocks down during a turn earns them 10 points, and a player rolls a spare if they knock down every pin in the first two rolls.


Head to 468 Second St., which is technically the address for Bearfoot Tavern. But since The Social Duck will be next door, it should be easy to find from there.

Are you wondering how you will know when you can go duckpin bowling on Second Street? Sign up for e-mail notifications from The Social Duck. For now, the projected opening timeline is about six months out, which puts us near April 2024.


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