In the News: 20’s Pub Farm-to-Table Partnership in Macon

20’s Pub farm-to-table partnership in Macon

Known for on-time happy hours, live music and lively karaoke, 20’s Pub farm-to-table partnership in Macon is a budding example of local businesses supporting other local businesses. And in this case, the results taste so good! 

About the partnership

According to reports, 20’s Pub farm-to-table partnership in Macon is growing new friendships business to farmers and back to the local community. To summarize, 20’s Pub selects a Georgia farm each month and creates specialty menu items featuring the local produce. 

Hence, 20’s Pub farm-to-table partnership in Macon is thriving with some of this season’s freshest vegetables and fruits. For example, diners have recently been treated to a delicious farm-to-table Mexican street corn dip starring fresh corn sourced from nearby Everett Farms. 

But that’s not the only way the corn made it to the table at 20’s Pub. Guests could also sample the fresh corn as a side of cream corn or as roasted ears of corn and more specials this month. 

More about the farm-to-table experience

As part of 20’s Pub farm-to-table partnership, the 20’s Pub team learns about local crops with some team leaders touring the farms during the selection process. Those experiences, as well as “test-run” dishes, all come back to the customers. 

Whether 20’s Pub shares a sample dish featuring the upcoming farm-fresh produce for customer feedback or knowledge is passed along about local farms, creating community connections is what it’s all about! 

However, in-season vegetables and fruits may be the main attractions most of the time, but 20’s Pub broadens its horizons too. The restaurant has partnered with farms that produce items other than produce. 

Think dairy farms for cheeses and Salt Lick Sausage Company for specialty sausages such as jalapeno cheddar and a mild blend. 


Are you ready for a farm-to-table experience at 20’s Pub? Visit the pub at 3076 Riverside Drive, Suite 1200, in Macon. Expect the sweet tastes of summer with farm-fresh ingredients ranging from strawberries to peaches to sweet onions! 

Find 20’s Pub on Facebook for the most current news, events and specials.


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