Macon Film Festival 2021

Coming Up: Macon Film Festival 2021

Lights, camera, action! The 16th Annual Macon Film Festival 2021 is putting the spotlight back on independent films and the art of filmmaking in Central Georgia once again in-person August 19th through 22nd! The Festival The Macon Film Festival 2021 applauds independent and immersive films. It encourages filmmaking for inspiration, education, entertainment and economic development. Read more about Coming Up: Macon Film Festival 2021[…]

Bragg on 2021

Coming Up: Bragg On 2021

We sure missed it last year! Still, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And after an eventful 2020, we’ve officially made it back around for Bragg Jam performances. This year, they’ll hold a special, small-scale version: Bragg On 2021. See you there on July 31! About Bragg Jam Bragg Jam signifies a Read more about Coming Up: Bragg On 2021[…]